Relationships matter first with God through His son Jesus and then with people. A relationship with Jesus is the only hope for a lost and broken world. When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, His response was simple: “LOVE GOD, and LOVE PEOPLE.” We value the image of God in all people. We believe that we were created to live connected with one another: carrying each other’s burdens, sharing our possessions, praying for and confessing our sins to each other, and suffering and celebrating together. It’s in these honest, loving relationships that God transforms us and His Love is brought to full expression through us. The way of Jesus cannot be lived alone.

Growth Communities

Growth Communities are our way of being the Church in smaller groups. Here, we engage what it means to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, as well as how to love other people. These groups take place in homes, apartments, offices, coffee shops, etc. Growth Community participants are a group of people journeying, serving, and learning to be more like Jesus in their daily display to others.

We aim to create “refrigerator relationships” in our communities. This term simply means that you and other people in your group are so close to each other, that you are comfortable with walking to each other’s homes and taking something out of the fridge without any awkwardness or confusion occurring. Therefore, we try to divide our groups by location so that you can journey through life with those you actually live near. Hopefully, this will also make it easier to bring your neighbors into that same family, so they can see and experience Jesus living and moving among you.

Intentional Living

The Kingdom of God is not about a bunch of “Super Christians” saving the world one person at a time. God has called us to take the talents, abilities, and resources we have and use them to serve others as we go about our daily lives. Whether you are a doctor, teacher, mechanic, or artist, God has given you tools to meet the needs of those around you through the power of the Holy Spirit.

While we hope you understand that everywhere a Christian goes they are displaying God, we also understand there are many issues facing our city, in particular, that require the help of our collective abilities and resources. So several times per year, our church comes together to make a larger impact on specific needs within our city.

We challenge our church to meet needs whenever they can, even if it means temporarily sacrificing to do so. If a need is too great for you to meet on your own, invite your friends or your Growth Community to join you. If the need is still too large, please contact us using the form below to see if our church can meet that need.

Get Involved

Host or lead a Growth Community

Open up your home, apartment, or some community space for a group of your peers to meet together for discussion, prayer, and even meals. You can decide with the group how you want to arrange that, and how everyone can participate with you. Growth Community leadership positions require a little training and attendance at extra meetings a few times each year. They don’t need formal bible training or a degree. Leaders communicate with our church staff, help facilitate discussion when your group is together, and manage (or assign) scheduling for your Growth Community. The church provides access to discussion resources that you can use.

Serve at our Gatherings

Our Sunday Gatherings require a team of volunteers to pull off, and we are always looking for people to help in a variety of areas. Please contact us if you are interested in serving with us on Sundays. We are willing to help train you to prepare for skilled positions like set-up, or sound, but there are lots of ways you can serve with something as simple as a friendly smile and a hello.

Let’s Connect

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